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When summer comes to Michigan the heat and humidity makes your air conditioning system work hard.

Summer is tough on equipment

As with any mechanical equipment, parts break down or just get old. Summertime also brings dust, dirt, cottonwood and any other manner of particulates that can clog up coils on your condensing unit.

Schedule regular seasonal maintenance

With regular maintenance the life of your equipment can be extended greatly. To keep your air conditioning systems running at optimal efficiency and running condition, schedule an air conditioning tune up seasonally.

Use licensed and insured companies

Always Efficient is a fully licensed and insured heating and cooling company offering 18 years experience.

Air conditioning services

We offer a wide variety of air conditioning services and products from tune-ups and service to full air conditioning installation, including commercial and residential systems. We offer 24-hour emergency service, free estimates, service plans (to keep your equipment in optimal running condition) and extended labor warranties.

Always Efficient sales and service

We service all makes and models and accept all major credit cards.